As an elder millennial, my love of 90s nostalgia runs deep. One of the things I miss most about the pre-internet culture of my youth: the art of passing notes with friends.

The thrill of receiving a freshly penned note back then was a dopamine hit greater than any text or Instagram DM can deliver today. So when I decided I wanted to start a newsletter this year, I landed on calling it Passing Notes. I want to conjure that warm-and-fuzzy feeling of getting a carefully crafted letter from your BFF, just in your inbox instead of your Jansport.

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The content will be similar to the stuff I used to share on my blog (and still share on Instagram) but in a weekly(ish) format that will vary from bite-sized link lists of cool stuff I find around the Internet, to bigger blurbs about style + beauty stuff on my radar, to personal essays. I promise to show up to your inbox with the same care and attention I poured into perfecting my handwriting way back then.

I haven’t been this excited about writing to friends since 1999!

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P.S. Notes are best when shared with friends. Fold this newsletter into a teeny triangle and pass it along.


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Penning letters to friends about stuff I love and what I wear.